Hello non existent reader its nice to see you again , today were going to talk about what I wouldn’t change about being autistic before this becomes some sort of teenage angst blog. Though none of its ideal it does have its perks and those need to be acknowledged too . I wanted to continue yesterday but I didn’t want to bore you  but I will write more about that  later.

Super human?

Some times when I cant be bothered to explain to people how it affects me (not that I explain to many people only about 6 people know) I jokingly tell them it means I’m super human . But as I start to brainstorm ideas for this post I realise it holds some truth I can do things many normal people would struggle with or not be able to do for example stay up to 3 o’clock in the morning get up at 6 and still function in my half functional way till about ten. I don’t detect heat change properly so in the middle of then winter which is reasonably cold for us in the UK I can go outside with  no coat on no problem and I have a higher pain tolerance than most and quite a bit of brute strength .To top it all off being on the high end of the spectrum means I have a higher IQ and EQ than most people my age.

Don’t feel like socialising?

No problem, I don’t like this conversation walk away do I care if its socially acceptable ?not really, and when its with my friends who know they’re not fussed .I don’t feel like partaking in this lesson ill just start writing early the teacher can whinge at me all they want but I’m technically carrying out the task I’m just doing it independently today so they cant keep me back.  I can be alone for long periods of time but I rarely get lonely.My personal favourite about this section oh erm … ophrah wont stop touching you she keeps getting in your face hit her and  walk away then she gets in trouble (to be honest she did poke me a good 5 times and it was quite  hard.. and then there was the time she followed me home but that’s another story .)

quick senses .

I’m not quite sure if this is an autistic thing but the moment some one enters a room or is anywhere in a mile  or so radius of me I can recognise them or narrow down who it is or at least what group they belong to instantly  steves coming to the park yep nope lets do a 180 and leave why we still can .I just seem to pick up little things in general for instance from my French class room  I can read a board on the other side of the massive hall and I pick up all the little things in photos and books .


With autism  its hard to tell where it ends and you begin . To describe me in five words id say I’m cynical sarcastic loud energised and creative but if I weren’t aspergic I might not be cynical because autism is what matured me way pat my age you may not be able to tell but I’m barely in my teens yet aspergers has made me have a better understanding of the way the world is and it isn’t always a good thing but that is most likely what gave me my cynicalness (yet again not a word I know ).Or my loudness perhaps ,normal people can be loud, take 3 steps in to a secondary school and that will quickly become apparent, but its often a trait seen in people who have autism I wouldn’t describe my self as an introverted person yes I avoid talking to people I don’t like and don’t feel like dealing with but doesn’t everyone?  when it comes to my friends or class mates ( my class is surprisingly okay with my existence no one wants me dead …that’s a first) but maybe my introverted side would’ve taken over if I was “normal” . Heck who knows if id kept these traits it could’ve all gone south and I could be the sort of person I hate most because something I’ve noticed in people I don’t like is  they are often very similar to me its just there attitude or the way that their traits overlap together  that makes me dislike them.

once again sorry for the excessively long post I tried to put some anecdotes in there and make it less ranty (I’m really not good at using pre existing words today am I?) and depressing see you later my non existent readers – Rose x


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  1. Rose, your blog will soon be added to our Actually Autistic Blogs List ( Please click on the “How do you want your blog listed?” link at the top of that site to customize your blog’s description on the list.
    Thank you.
    Judy (An Autism Observer)


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