roses rampant rant time

welcome back non existent readers I’m back I’m sorry its been a while I’ve been busy and debating over which topic I want to talk about. I want to do a post about celebrities in autisim but I don’t feel I’m able to write that quite yet without sounding like one of those patronising articles about how autistic people are inspirational and so on I’ve sure you’ve seen some tabloid floating about with one of these articles. At some point I want to talk about my diagnosis process but I’m not sure if I can do that without having some sort of existential crisis so instead I’m going to talk about some of the stigma around autisim … get ready for the rant which I’m sure will happen (at least it shows I’m … passionate?)
I’m going to warn you non existent readers as some of you may find this offensive but I feel these need to be acknowledged… this is hard for me to write especially as in our school we have class group chats and people having no idea I’m not neurotypical send these and I just want to rip their heads of but I cant without looking like a triggered social justice warrior or raising suspicions but here come the autistic school shooting memes … I cant believe these are going to be in my f@@@@@@g search history PS  the one with the boy about a disco party  and the heros never die is a real thing someone posted on the aforementioned group chat.


delete this 3delete this 4delete this 5delete this 6delete this 2delete this 1

these are real things that are being posted .I promised myself I wouldn’t cry while creating this but the fact I could scroll down and have my pick I promise you I wasn’t cherry picking its absolutely disgusting that these pieces of scum are still being created. I thought what’s a couple of offensive memes but now I see just how many there are it infuriates me. I don’t know what’s worse the fact we are being labelled as “tards” or the fact it makes light of school shootings. On the other hand I can see how to some autistic memes could be funny to even asd people like there was one meme that says when my autistic son finds out chicken is for dinner accompanied by a kid with his mouth wide open that can be funny. And if people aren’t allowed to joke about this stuff than what can they joke about that’s the thing .I’m conflicted because one half of me says this is offensive it needs to stop yet another half of me says yeah but people should be allowed to have fun and laugh at themselves because if we cant then we cant joke about anything and it just builds up more tension. To add to these memes half of  them are themed around school shootings which is just worse its a serious issue and then the ones that aren’t about shootings we are referred to as tards come on its twenty bloody eighteen and we are still being called tards its so backwards and the people I know are posting these memes some of them are friends with openly autistic people and half of them say things like this around me and don’t suspect a thing. once again were being made the but of the joke to our faces as well there’s a kid in my school who is autistic not severe but enough for him to stick out were friends and hearing people saying oh James was doing this yesterday the freak carries  this  James carries that he was dancing with this thing the other day ( he wasn’t he was having a sensory overload)it makes me sick yet again not joking only causes more stigma but surely having a bit of a joke doesn’t require things like this me and my friends have jokes between us such as when she wont talk to people in public I say “when the aspie has better social skills than you should be worried now come on” I don’t feel that’s offensive given the context but regardless of the context these are just unacceptable I’m so conflicted I’m going to stop repeating the same point 60 times and leave now sorry about my little bit of a rant (PS little is a little but a lot … back at it again with the fake words) goodbye my lovely non existent readers -Rose X


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