things I don’t understand 1

hello again my non existent readers I’ve got lots of little things I want to talk about so I’m going to compile them into these sort of posts which is why I added the number 1 to the title as this is definitively something I want to revisit without further ado I give you 3 things that my aspie self just cant understand .

unsolicited hugs

Don’t touch me just don’t there is a good chance I will look at you like you have descended from mars . Why do people do this why is this a greeting oh hi  I’m  your friend now let me squeeze you to death without asking. If we are both agreeing on this sure go a head ,but I have friends who just walk up to me and hug me and I’m standing there limp wondering how long its gonna be before they detach themselves from me . I just wanna tell them they have 3 seconds to run just no.., why.

taking things back .

I’m all for taking things back if you didn’t mean them but taking it back to spare my feeling just makes me feel worse for instance when I’m in an argument with a friend and they are just annoyed they have to share oxygen with me(*cough cough *Michelle /my entire”friends group” *cough cough*)and then proceed to take it back the moment I cry .They clearly meant everything they said but because you reduced me to tears its all cancelled now and usually they end up continuing the argument after I stop don’t try and act like you care if you don’t be straight with me I’m a big girl I can handle it . There worst type of this is when they apologise and then immediately undo said apology for instance I forgive you when they were the once causing problems, I forgive you but I don’t forgive so and so,I forgive you but you must admit it was your fault,im sorry but I couldn’t help it etc .Anything were they have to get the last word and your left not sure weather or not kicking of again is worth it or if you just have to grin sand bear it  just bothers me so much.

any one my age

I don’t know were to start with this but what is it with my generation.Were owning ugly clothes that are only popular because they have a celebs name pasted up the side of it riding bikes into oncoming traffic and speaking some cryptic language piff ting wagwan in it blood  having literally no soul and being some brain dead zombie to social media constitutes being cool and is seen as normal  the funniest thing is my parents spoke the same way when they were kids they think they being original and cool but they’re not while they’re obsessed over love island (aka the I come from Liverpool Essex or Leeds I can have sex look at me oh no I’m not enjoying the attention at all whoo im a celebrity now  even though I have no talent and am a complete chav show ) or there fancy watch trying to pretend they’re adults and throwing there brain cells out the window or what ever it is they do everyone else are actually enjoying being kids having fun and actually learning and not being blissfully ignorant for example a kid in my school legitimately did not know what Brexit was or even that it happened or another kid thought that English was the first language there was come on were in senior/high school . How dumb can you be . Honestly I can talk about school and kids from an autistic view all day but I should probably stop .

Thanks for reading my non existent reader I hope to see you again soon Rose X

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