Hi there reader this is an anoymonous blog from a shock horror … AN ASPERGIC PERSON for now im going to name my self erm rose that sounds normal right  just so you have something to call me . I dont think anyone will ever see this but if it reaches just one person ill be happy .That is so cheesy i want to slap myself . So i hear you non existant reader ask how does a blog like this come about .Well it all starts when a certain aspie stays up untill rediclious am as usual and decides now is the time to write. I  wanted to write a novel from an autistic persons point of view for a long time so i google some stuff just to get a perspective besides my own .And low and behold all ths stupid stereotypes and oh my kid has insert type of ASD here and he does this …i cant even .Anyway i got outraged and lectured a room full of nothing but air about it and still had no idea about my writing when 12 PM me decided i know ill write a blog at least ill  actualy show this to people yes thats a great idea and since i had allready brainstormed book name i chose half functional and boom this was created. I dont know were this is going honestly all i know is my parents are NOT finding out about this and there will be no pictures that didnt come from google because if the people at school but two and two together im done for. Any way enjoy my organised chayos -Rose x

P.S credit to wikihow’s how to draw a brain to tutorial for my header photo